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♥So what if I want to kiss...

...from your toes up to your lips.♥

•°•Take me, don't leave me•°•
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So my name is Deeanna and I'm fifteen. Sophomore at MJHS. I can be moody, bitchy, sweet, crazy, whatever I feel like being at the time. I'm a music fanatic...besides music, I love to sketch. I draw all the time, and I don't draw what people want me to, I do what I feel like doing. I have a booty call of friends, but my best friend is forget_us, just cause she's as stupid and funny and moody and mean as me. I hate her and I love her, too. My favorite show is One Tree Hill...watch it and then tell me who I remind you of. Don't want to? Then I'm Peyton Sawyer. I cry more than I laugh. I love guys who are just totally there for me.

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I'm single. Likin' a boy. But it probably won't. But who's not hoping? ♥

sloss furnace with friends is love
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This is our life. Are we who we want to be?

my pet!

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